Happy Whiskers!

Have a Happy Whisker story about an animal you adopted from the Josephine County Animal Shelter? We would love to hear from you! Please take a moment to tell us your story and send some pictures!  Click here to share

Candy with her new family!

Banjo (aka Little Mister)

BanjoDear Shelter Friends,  Banjo’s a great, happy, laid back and friendly little cat.  I wanted to send this as a thank you for giving him such a great start in his life.  Thanks for the service that you provide and saving so many lives that would have been forgotten about otherwise.

Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, Samuel….and Banjo (aka Little Mister)


Update 3/10/14:  Zeus formerly Barney is my sidekick. In the car, outside, around the house and sleeping. He has made me so happy and loved. And I think we’ve done the same for him. If I’m not in my wheelchair he is. It’s ADORABLE. He is the kindest, most genteel dog and has such a desire to please. I can’t thank you all enough for letting us adopt him. It’s been 1 month today and honestly I can’t imagine our home/family without him now.1234652_10202655155452761_1475100466_n



Barney, now named Zeus, swapped his kennel with you for a king sized bed with us. He is beyond amazing. We’re so thankful he loves us as much as we love him. – Lisa Marie

 Tina (Snow)


Just wanted to let you know how well Snow (now Tina) is settling in to her new home. Thank you so much to the lady who processed the adoption and provided guidance. You were wonderful. We couldn’t of had a better experience and the transition of snow/Tina into our home was seamless. She’s happy, loving, playful, and comes looking for all our family members including our 2 dogs. Thank you again.


LylaMy kids’ father passed away almost 4 years ago.  It was hard for us to find the same joy that we had found in most things after he died.  I decided after last Christmas to get a dog for the kids to have something to take care of in the hopes that it might make them feel better. I found Lyla on the website and she looked so sweet. I knew she would be a good dog.  Ever since we got Lyla she has brought happiness to me and the kids every day.  She is sweet and gentle.  She gives hugs and kisses and she sleeps in my daughter’s bed with her every night, protecting her. We could not have asked for a better dog. We are so thankful that we found Lyla.

Ce Ce

CeeCeeI wanted to let you know our first night with CeCe went without any problems.  She has whined once in awhile when she wants us to pet her, but no barking so far.  Our only problem is weather and going outside to do her business.
I feel she is housebroken, but freaks out with the leash.  Harnes is fine. We live in the woods, and I am petrified she will run off.
One question, how long was she at the Shelter?  She has taken quite  well to my hubby, but is a little skittish around me 🙂
Here is my theory – owned by old couple, she died, now is his dog, he remarries, and new wife does not like all the attention he gives to the dog!!!!!!!  Hope that story makes your day. LOL  Otherwise, thanks so much for still being at PetSmart yesterday.  We feel like our family is once again complete with CeCe.
Jan Stull in Cave Junction.

Ravishing Ruby

Ravishing RubyNote from Ravishing Ruby’s mom:

“Hi Raleigh,
Just wanted to send this because my husband, who didn’t want a dog, has fallen crazy in love with her. She is one spoiled puppy.”


BeethovenAmber says Beethoven is doing fabulously! He sits, stays, and high fives. He’s working on lay down. She bought him a new coat and a big red bow for Christmas. Thank you, Mecha Clark, for taking the drive with me for this meet and greet and final adoption.


I first saw Carson’s picture on your website and just had to bring him home. I had just lost my sweet Chaka, our dear elderly Shih Tzu, to the Rainbow Bridge a couple of months before. I brought Chaka’s partner, Chico, with me to the Shelter to meet Carson. They got along okay. I took Them home right away. That was 5 years ago. Carson is the sweetest, cutest, smartest, fastest little guy. He takes care of all of us. He is a whole lot of dog in a little package.
Since then Chico has joined Chaka at the Rainbow Bridge and we have adopted Kendra, Willie, and Lily. Carson and Kendra are BFF’s and play together all the time.


John with Hikin Ike

I took Ike for a hike on a leash in the forest this afternoon. This he liked very much, in fact, he was doing so well I decided to take the leash off. Admittedly, I was a bit apprehensive, but I needed have been. On the second hike I stepped behind a tree when he got ahead of me and didn’t say anything.Hikin Ike Ike came back and searched me out. He has a good nose. He keeps me in sight at all times and doesn’t get far from where I am. At one point he was about 75 feet away from me when I called him, and clapped my hands. Interestingly, he came bounding with great joy to me. At that point I was quite sure he was not going to run off.

Later in the afternoon I put a chainsaw in the back of the John Deere Gator to cut some firewood. I first drove across the creek to give Ike a chance to run on a 15 acre field and see what he could do. This is an open field with a fence along the road. A good place for a dog to run. He ran alongside the Gator and then across the field at full speed, he was a very happy dog. And what a runner he is, it was easy to tell he loves the freedom of full speed running.

Later, Ike stayed close by while I cut firewood and I checked on him periodically. After I loaded enough wood for a couple of days burning, I took him back across the creek again and Ike made another run and then we went home as daylight was rapidly disappearing. Ike was very contented.

Ike is a very affectionate and loyal dog. He enjoys being petted and praised and gives friendship and loyalty in return. At this time it appears Ike may be one of the finest dogs I have ever been associated with. All that in 24 hours, I am truly amazed. I do thank you for your correspondence and help, also the lady at the animal shelter who help me. Without you folks it wouldn’t have happened.



I want to give my thanks and appreciation to Raleigh for allowing us to adopt our new lille girl, Sofi. She is the sweetest little girl and already an important part of our family.