Maxx & Daisy

Maxx & Daisy the cats

Happy Endings! This is Maxx and Dayzee, formerly Shelby and Fairlane, all settled into their new home. They also have a big sis, Fernie, who loves them!

They were born outside this summer to a semi-feral cat. They spent their first 6 weeks living outside. A Good Samaritan kept his eye out for them, and when they were old enough to be separated from mom, called Shelter Friends.

Shelter Friends and the JoCo shelter helped these kitties get their shots and spayed/neutered. JoCo spay/neuter helped get the momma spayed and the gentleman who found them is now caring for her!

Now they are living the good life in a fabulous home in Klamath Falls. Their new mom and dad love them to pieces and frequently send us photos!