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China the cat

China’s been adopted! We are thrilled to let everyone know that China has found her forever family. They reached out all the way from Redding, California wanting to meet this sweet girl. China spent the first 6 months of her life barely surviving. Those days are far behind her! She will have her own little human to grow up with and another indoor only cat to show her the ropes. Here’s what China’s foster dad had to say:

China just went home to her forever family. They drove all the way up from Redding to adopt her and she instantly fell in love with their daughter who is almost 6 years old. When it was time to leave, they set the carrier on the ground and China immediately got inside and laid down on her own. She’s going to have a wonderful life with her new family who is fully prepared and understanding to the challenges that come along with a disabled animal. China absolutey loved them and didn’t even hesitate to go with them. Sarah Claar is of course bawling her eyes out

A huge thank you to the Good Samaritan who rescued her and made a large donation towards her care, to the vets and staff at Valley Animal Hospital for taking her in, providing her care and fostering that first, critical week, the Josephine County Animal Shelter for supporting her needs and a huge thank you to our foster family, Brett and Sarah. They are always there to say yes to the medically needy fosters. This is their second foster kitty who has recovered with them after eye removal surgery.

Without our fosters willing to open their homes to potential adopters, placing kittens like China would be a lot harder.

In case you missed it, here’s a link to her original story.

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Just Heartwarming and thankfully not rare

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