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Bagel the cat

Last August we had our first Kitty Pet to Vet adoption. Both kitty and adopter were perfect for each other. Some of you may remember Bagel. He needed to have an eye removed and you came when we called for donations. He had a bit of a rough time after the removal, but with foster support, Love and care, he healed and joined his forever family.

We received a letter from Bagel’s adopters. This sums it up perfectly!

To: Josephine County Animal Shelter
From: Jesse Reyna

I first want to say thank you so much for your generosity regarding Bagel. Your act of kindness has brought so much love to our home and we have you to thank for that so from the entire Reyna family: THANK YOU.

Getting Bagel was a big step for us and he has been one of the main fixtures of our home and family life. Bagel fit in immediately, or so we thought, we felt like he had always been around and we instantly found it easy to play with and love him. He’s an incredibly intelligent little man and we had no problems training him from the start and to date he has had ZERO accidents around the house and at one point we had him fetching and he will also sit on command. He’s also our resident greeter, each day when I come home from work I can count on Bagel to be standing right there when I open up the door. He can hear me coming up the stairs and he waits patiently for me. This always puts a smile on my face no matter what kind of day I had and he’ll usually automatically sprawl out and demand some belly rubs.

When he’s not belly flopping for attention he’s usually slinking around looking for something to rattle or if it’s midday he’s usually passed out in in the bedroom where the air conditioning blows a little cooler. He’s absolutely a big softie and while he likes to venture out on to the porch with us, if it’s too hot or too cold he won’t even set foot out. He’s a bit of an oaf but he’s very loving when he’s decided he wants love. He seems obsessed with getting his chin, ears, or blind spot gently scratched and he will lay flat on his back for chest rubs.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest things about Bagel, however, are his massive paws which we refer to as “Pawlies” because of his polydactyl condition which provides him an additional digit on each paw. Even if not for his additions his paws would still be as big as a kitten’s head and when Bagel goes in, he goes in like a cannonball. He’s gotten so big that I worry that our mid size cat tree isn’t going to last much longer but I personally hope that he gets bigger and bigger to the size of a Bobcat and I love calling him my “Big strong tom cat” or my “big sturdy boy”.

Adding Bagel to our family has been a blessing and while he can get a bit needy sometimes I can always count on him to cheer me up. He can usually tell when I’ve had a bad day and he sometimes won’t leave me alone until I give him his due.

Bagel is often a very welcome distraction from the day’s frustrations and I know that no matter what when I get home, the one eyed wonder will be waiting for me.

I once again want to thank everyone involved and convey my sincerest appreciation for the kindness bestowed upon us. It’s hard to imagine our home without Bagel in it.

Best Wishes,
Jesse Reyna
You can learn about our Pet to Vet program here.