Dogs in Foster

Tara aka Treadmill Tara

We have the big reveal for our girl Treadmill Tara! Tara a 2 1/2-year-old Pit Lab mix was over the top no manners 56 pound, spayed girl. She had absolutely no discipline. But she was loving and eager to learn. She is now ready for the big reveal! 
Tara is ready for a new home. What will be the best fit is perhaps a moderately mature leader with no children; no children is the order of the day as children tend to be unpredictable; perhaps a Veteran that is active and wants just a “You and Me”  relationship to take hiking, running, maybe fishing on the banks of the river! A person that is willing to learn to keep her mentally and physically stimulated on a treadmill for 30 to 45 minutes a day- or even twice a day! She loves her treadmill. She has had some playmates- boys only- but can be a bit much – for them as she tends to play rough.  So a just a “You and Me” companionship really is encouraged. No small animals- maybe a goldfish would be ok. Shelter Friends, a non-profit organization supporting the Animals of the Josephine County Animal Shelter will provide the following: First- She would love to be the joint benefactor of our Pet to Vet Program. This program will subsidize her adoption fee. We look to offer follow-up support by providing a couple of one on one training sessions here in Grants Pass to teach her new leader Treadmill enrichment and direction and offer a gently used treadmill.  Additionally, 3 visits with John Parrett, local dog behaviorist if adopted withing 50 miles or one hour of Grants Pass. She will come with a new bed, leash, and starter bag of food. Treadmill Tara is seeking a dedicated adopter who will follow through and maintain the great progress she has made so she and her new adopter will continue to enjoy all each has to offer one another. These training sessions must be set in place immediately upon adoption to ensure a smooth transition for a long and full, life-long companionship.  For more information please contact Raleigh 541 660 6578 or Laura Milnes at the Josephine County Animal Shelter 541 474-5458

This is what her foster guardian that gave her structure has to say,- “and maybe a bit redundant,- 
“Tara is an amazingly sweet, female about 1 1/2 years old and is a beautiful black color with a white chest. Tara has a real zest for life and is hoping to find someone with an active dog life that is wanting a walking, hiking, running type companion.  As a special bonus, Tara has been treadmill trained so when life gets busy or the weather throws in a twist Tara still gets her exercise. This girl loves her treadmill time and will happily jump on requesting her “workout” each day.

Tara is current on vaccinations, spayed, crate trained, treadmill trained and has a good introduction to basic commands like sit, down, bed, wait and off. Although the first part of her life was not stable or structured and she ended up a little out of control and in the shelter. This incredibly loving girl has made some really positive changes and is ready to bring a lot of love and joy to her new person.

Tara has been around other dogs and has had play opportunities with some well behaved male dogs but isn’t usually a good match with other females. Not all dogs are a match for her as she plays rough. Her best fit would be a home as an only pet.

 Tara’s ideal home would be a kid-less  (she likes kids but her plays style can be energetic and rough and does best with the calmer consistency of adults) person or couple that is willing to continue Tara’s training. She’s had a great start understanding leadership and boundaries and needs someone to continue assuming this leadership role with her to help keep her relaxed and happy.”

If you think you can offer Treadmill Tara- or Tara a loving structured home, please call the shelter or email so we can arrange a meet and greet here in Josephine County.

Available at the Josephine County Animal Shelter, 1420 Brookside Blvd. 1.5 miles off I-5. in Merlin. Oregon. hours: Monday -Friday 10-4:30pm Saturday 10-4pm.




Are you ready for a big player! Here you go!  80 pounds of Happy BOY! Needs a good coach! Needs a good playing field! Get your whistle ready and he is ready to learn!
Wonderful Woody is waiting for a home! Woody is big Cattle Dog mix. He is an approximately 3 to 5 year old neutered big boy who is still learning all his manners. What he does already know well is how to LOVE! This fella is very friendly and just gets a little excited when he meets new people and dogs. With patient training and guidance, we have no doubt that Woody will make a great companion. Currently in foster his foster family notes he welcomes home life with gentle enthusiasm. He gets along beautifully with his foster brother – a senior German Shepherd. He has great recall and shows no desire to depart- but rather to stay at your side. He is a devoted well mannered boy eager to please. He isn’t much for balls, or toys- but absolutely loves cardboard! Like the child that delights in a card board box instead of high tech toys- he is so content with his cardboard!
Adopter should have willingness to follow through with good leadership so he can be all he can be!  This big boy has lived on a chain all his life. He came in with his collar imbedded in his neck. A Canine Angel will contribute half of his fee to a Hero will show him all humans are not bad!  Will provide new bed, bag of food and post adoption support. He will do best to be an only dog so he can be the King of his castle- and showered with love and leadership. To take advantage of this opportunity- please contact
Available at the Josephine County Animal Shelter, 1420 Brookside Blvd. 1.5 miles off I-5. in Merlin. Oregon. hours: Monday -Friday 10-4:30pm Saturday 10-4pm.

Shelter number 541 474-5458 for status of pending surgery if noted. See more at:
Alternate Contact or text 541 660 6578 name of dog. It is always nice if you send an inquiry about a specific adoptable guest via email to tell us about you, your family and other pets, your yard, and most importantly, your expectations of your new family member so we can answer your questions appropriately as best as possible.

Please, if you email an inquiry, please understand that these animals are in the shelter for a variety of reasons: Their lives are upside down maybe because owner died, they got lost, were abandoned, owner lost home or had a life event that left their pet in need of a new home. We don’t always know how they will get along with all dogs, all children. They won’t be a perfect family member right away! They will need love, patience, a strong owner who will let them know what is expected of them and what they can expect from their new family. It may take an afternoon or it may take a week or so! But they need homes and families who will bring them back to knowing what family is!

Shelter Phone Number 541 474-5458 Alternate contact:
General Adoption Fees for Dog: Adult dogs and puppies- $125, Senior dogs 7 and over half price.. Veterans are half price with presentation of government issued VA ID.

Please visit the shelter or if need special arrangements for meet and greet please email me. If you have a dog- encourage you to bring also. Staff may be unable to answer calls right away, so you may contact me via email if you cannot get to shelter right away! You are encouraged to make your best effort to go during normal business hours. Note: Often times we are asked ‘what about cats’?’ Please be advised that we cannot guarantee a dog’s behavior with a cat; sometimes the dog is fine with a cat- but cat not so happy about his canine intruder! If we know emphatically that a dog could take issue with a cat, livestock or chickens- will be stated in body of biography! Shelter Friends editor is not an employee of the Josephine County Animal Shelter. The editor is a member of Shelter Friends Josephine County an all volunteer not for profit Charitable organization supporting the animals of the Josephine County Animal Shelter.