Whisper is waiting for a new home! She’s a lovely 2 year old domestic short hair who has lived with dogs, cats, and kids before. She can be a bit shy at first, but her sweet personality quickly shines through. She came in with her sister Chaz, a tabby girl with cute thumbs. They’re a friendly, companionable pair – come meet them today!


Hello there, my name is Huff! I’m a lovely girl, 9 years young, with beautiful fur and super cute markings… just check out my nose! I’ve lived amicably with other cats and children before. I enjoy attention and loving but I’m not demanding. I’m friendly and easygoing and love to just hang out. Please come meet me today to see if we’re a match!


If you’re like us, you might fall immediately in love with this boy’s adorable little scarecrow nose! But don’t stop there–his sweet personality is sure to win you over, too! Bob is a 5 year old male who has lived with dogs, children, other cats and livestock. He’s easy peasy and would do well in most homes. Come check him out today!


Angel is aptly named!
This lovely lady is 10 years old and is looking to write a new chapter in her book. She is tidy, quiet, sweet and easygoing, with gorgeous soft fur. Angel is cool as a cucumber and enjoys all the loving she is getting from her new friends at the Shelter. Come meet her today!


Hello, I’m Simba – a mild-mannered gentleman who came to the shelter through no fault of my own. I’m easy-going, tidy and 15 years young. I’m a staff and volunteer favorite for my gentle, sweet ways. Won’t you come meet me and see if your lap is the one I’m looking for?

Kylo Ren

Hi, I’m Kylo Ren! It really wasn’t fair to give me a villain’s name; I’m a good guy! I’m about to turn 2 in May and am seeking a new family, preferably one without any other cats – I can be a bit of a bully to other cats. I have lived in a home with children and just need a little time to adjust before you will see how curious, bold, and playful I am! I love to play with anything that can become a toy, and I’m a sweet, outgoing guy. Please come meet me today!

Carleen Dawn Photography & Design got this great shot of our handsome boy!


Meet Mr. Magoo! When Magoo arrived at the shelter, his eyes were swollen and he appeared to have vision issues. He was also pretty grumpy, not enjoying any pets from us–but it was for good reason! Turns out that he had such severe stomatitis that his entire face was swollen and painful. The vet said he needed to have all of his teeth pulled–every single one. Thanks to Shelter Friends – Josephine County Oregon stepping in to sponsor the procedure, Magoo is now relieved from his pain. He feels MUCH better and loves to head bump and cannot get enough pets. Definitely not a shy cat when he is feeling good! Having no teeth does not create any special needs or diet besides needing to live indoors only. Magoo is 4 years old and ready for a new home.

Carleen Dawn Photography & Design got this great shot of our handsome boy!


Hello, I’m Bootsie! I’m a super cute 6 year old boy who really likes sleeping tucked away in my cozy bed, but I also love attention – I can purr and make kitty biscuits with the best of them! I enjoy petting, affection, playing with toys and have lovely soft fur… please come meet me today.

Fluffy Butt

It’s hard to be dignified with a name like Fluffy Butt, but I do my best! I’m a sweet 12 year old girl who appreciates the finer things in life – petting upon my request, naps in a sunny windowsill and delicious treats. Could I enjoy them with you?

Rocky Road

Rocky Road is an approximately 8 year old boy who is on the hunt for a new family! Rocky Road loves, loves, loves to be pet and will keep bumping your hand for more and more. He is a curious fella, always quick to want to know what is going on. We don’t know much about his background, but he’s hoping to start a new story with YOU!

Photos by Carleen Dawn Photography & Design  🙂