Hello, I’m Izzy! I’m a gorgeous girl with soft, strikingly colored calico fur. I’m 9 years young and came to the shelter with several friends who have since found homes… I’m ready for mine! I’m a little shy but very sweet. I just need some love and stability. Once I’m comfortable, I’m a real sweetheart!


Oh sure, my name might be Brutus… but I’m really a sweetheart, honest! I’m an easygoing, friendly gentleman who wants nothing more than to hang out with YOU. I’m 7 years old and am just looking for a warm lap and some love. I’m even used to living with other cats… what more could you ask for?


Meet Jezzy! She’s a 1 year old female hoping to find her forever home. Jezzy is the definition of TortiTude! This beautiful girl has the softest coat and thoroughly enjoys people petting her head…for a short time! Jezzy likes to call the shots — when she is finished with petting, she has been known to give a swat or two if you don’t pick up her cues to please stop. For this reason, kids are probably a no-go. Jezzy is a wonderful, easygoing pet when she is able to be independent. She will not be a good match for someone looking for a cat they can pick up like a ragdoll, but WILL be a good match for someone who is okay with their cat being a side by side companion, but not necessarily all over them. She’s been indoors only and is very tidy. She has lived with other dogs and cats, and while she enjoyed the dog’s company, she did not enjoy the other cats. This gal is the Queen of her Castle. Her adoption fee is sponsored for the right home!



“Felix the cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat!” Well, that’s me, for sure… I’m easygoing and sweet, handsome and calm. I love attention and pets… I’m just an easygoing adult boy (7 years young!) who wants nothing more than to hang out with YOU and purr!


Pleased to meet you… I’m handsome Aster! I’m an outgoing, loving boy with gorgeous fur & lovely markings. I may be 13 years old, but I think I have the best of everything. I’m calm and affectionate and even playful – please come meet me today!


Hi there – I’m sweet CeCe! I’m calm and loving and friendly… and beautiful too!

Sure, I’m 14 years old – but I think that makes me a perfect loving companion. I’ve heard that some people are looking for a cat just like me for themselves, or as a companion for another adult cat. I’m happy to show you what a sweetheart I am… so please come in and meet me!


Hello and very pleased to meet you, I’m Bandit! I’m a sweet and mellow guy, just 5 years old, who came to the shelter through no fault of my own. I’m handsome and playful and great at fitting right in with a loving family… could I join yours?


Please meet the lovely Madeline! Madeline is about 5 years old and is ready for a new family. She came to the Shelter after her family moved away and a kind neighbor took over her care. She was an indoor/outdoor cat and can be a bit independent… but give her a minute to warm up, talk gently to her, and you’ll hear that purring start up. Madeline is coming out of her shell more each day and we are enjoying getting to know her.

One of our knowledgeable volunteers says, “She is a VERY nice girl. She is quiet and undemanding. Once she gets into a loving home where she will be able to settle in, she will blossom.


I’m a boy SO very sweet that my name is Honey! I’m 3 years old, fun and outgoing, and a nicer guy you just couldn’t find. I’m sweet and loving and gentle… please come meet me today!


Hi, I’m Simba – and aren’t I just something? First off, I’m gorgeous – check out my lovely soft fur and beautiful coloring. They may call me a “buff tabby” but I think I’m just a peach! I’m also a REALLY sweet boy who just wants to play and get some attention. I’m active, goofy, love anyone and everyone and can’t wait to be held. I’m only 8 months old and came in as a stray. Just come in to meet me – believe me, I can’t wait to meet YOU!