My name is Roger and I’m a 4 year old boy with lovely long buff/orange fur, looking for a new home. I’m sweet as pie and love to get attention. I am easygoing and affectionate. I’m hoping my new family is right around the corner!


Meet Sparrow! This lovely 5 year old lady is ready for a new home. She has lived with dogs, kids, and cats, although was pretty avoidant with the dogs. She is affectionate and will cuddle up with you at night. She can be a bit more independent at times, but is always quick to find a warm lap.


Hello! My name is Shadow and I am a 5 year old girl. I have lived with dogs, cats, and kids before, but tended to avoid the dogs. I am an independent cat, who still enjoys pets and cuddles in your bed. I am hoping to find a new forever family!


Meet Pumpkin! This 12 year old+ mature lady is looking for a retirement home. Pumpkin’s owner grew too elderly to give her the proper care, so she is looking to become a much loved companion again. Pumpkin is very sweet, loves to be pet, and enjoys a warm nap in the sun. She is in her golden years and would love to find a home for the rest of her days.


My name is Arwen, and I’m just about the sweetest kitty you’ll meet. I’m petite and less than 1 year old. I love gentle petting and will bump your hand so that you keep going and going and going… Come see me at the Josephine County Animal Shelter!


Talk about handsome – look at this face! When he isn’t busy catching everyone’s eye, Oscar enjoys warm naps in the sun and gentle head boops to get more pets. Oscar is such an affectionate, sweet boy and has lived with other cats and children before. He is about 3 years old. He would love to join a new family!


We have a very special shelter guest: Benjamin!

This handsome, gentle boy was found running loose so his history is a mystery.

What we have learned about him at the shelter is that he is estimated to be about 3 years old, he enjoys petting and neck scritches, and he has tested positive for the Feline Leukemia virus.

We think that cats who test positive for FeLV can make wonderful companions. They can live long, happy, healthy lives. While this virus is contagious to other cats, it is not contagious to other species (so you and your dogs are not at risk). The virus is also very weak; it cannot live outside the body very long, so there is little risk in transmitting the virus except through close, personal contact from cat to cat.

Benjamin will need an adopter who understands that his immune system is weaker than a typical cat, so he will need to stay indoors to live his life in safety as well as not put others at risk. He should go to a home with no other cats, or with other FeLV cats only.

You can read about FeLV here:


Some cats here at the shelter will pose nicely for a photo. Well, not me – I come right out to you for all the love and attention I can get! Pleased to meet you, I’m Bootsie. I’m a handsome 8 year old fellow who loves everybody. I’m well-mannered and tidy, with lovely fur and grey tabby markings. I love affection but I’m also calm and undemanding. Come meet me today – I think you’ll be impressed!


And now please meet Diva. She came to us as a stray so we don’t know much about her… except that she is a beautiful, affectionate, talkative girl! She’s about 3 years old and has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite. Her striking markings have been described as “torbi,” a mix between torti (or tortoiseshell) and tabby. She’s absolutely lovely – please come meet her and see for yourself!


What’s better than a dollop of whipped cream on a piece of warm pie? Why, a sweet CAT named Dollop, of course! She’s a super loving 8 year old lady who’s calm and tidy, affectionate but not demanding, with lovely soft fur. She’s a shelter staff and volunteer favorite – please come meet her today!