Meow, I’m Meow! I’m a super sweet 6 year old boy who enjoys the finer things in life… good food – I prefer Friskies Pate – and a warm lap – could it be yours? I’m mellow but also outgoing and loving. I’m handsome too, with a handsome face and beautiful coat… what more could you ask for?


Lovely Sky is still waiting for a new home!

Sky is very playful and fun, and sometimes can be a bit feisty. BUT once you speak her language and figure out the buttons that she doesn’t like pushed, she is SO loving and such an outgoing gal! Karen here, one of our Cat Care Team volunteers, speak Sky’s language fluently! Karen picks up Sky, walks around the room with her, clips her nails, whatever she needs to do! She just rolls over in her arms and would make cookies all day long if Karen would let her.
Anyone else have particular kitties at home? I know some of us staff sure do. They are just as loving and cuddly — they just require a little time for us humans to get to know them individually, like any animal!


Hi, I’m Midnight! They say I’m 12 but honestly I just don’t see it. I’m an active, sweet boy who just loves attention! I’m not a huge fan of other cats but do love dogs. What I love most of all is people – I just can’t get enough! Believe it or not, I have heartworm and unfortunately there’s no known treatment. I’m looking for a loving home while I fight these things off – could you help me?

Emilio, Barn Buddy Extraordinaire

Hi, I’m Emilio, a male kitty about 9 months old. I’m a Barn Buddy, looking for a place I can live outside as a working cat. People are still a little scary to me – but just check out my resume’, I may be the cat for you!


Honeybee was found as a feral kitten 5 years ago. Her caretakers looked after her, giving her reassurance that people aren’t that scary after all.
She was reportedly unwilling to use her litter box in the last home, but has used one just fine here at the shelter.
She enjoys petting and attention from people when you catch her in the right mood, but will sometimes prefer hiding and laying low. Most of the time, though, it takes just a few seconds of sweet talk to bring her out for some love!
She is a sweetheart who would love a job protecting a new space… and as a member of our Barn Buddies program, her adoption fee is reduced!

Curious George

Hi! I’m Curious George, a 10 month old male kitty who has a BIG personality! I have tons of love to give and can’t get enough attention. I am looking for a very special home to call his own.

I was recently diagnosed with a very rare heart condition. I was born with an enlarged heart, which causes exercise intolerance: a fancy term for getting very tired after activity. My heart has to work too hard to do high activity. Right now, I have already beaten the odds by living this long—most cats with this condition do not make it past kittenhood.

In my new home, I will need to be kept calm (as much as is possible for a young kitty). This means: I will need to be indoors-only, can only live with other pets if they are mellow, and should have no string toys, laser pointers, or other things that may get me riled up. If I do get tired, I need some time to recover calmly.

I will not have a normal life expectancy, but the vet thinks I could live happily for up to a few more years. My other organs indicate that things are looking good for me so far! We know that it will take a very special family to open their home and hearts to a cat who they may not get much time with. We think it is worth it to give this sweet boy a chance at happiness in a loving home, for however long that may be.


Pixel – Did those eyes suck you in? They tend to catch people’s attention.  But what catches people even more is this snuggly boy’s sweet, sweet personality. Meet Pixel! This cutie is about 1 year old and looking forward to a fresh start.  Pixel lived with other cats and a dog, but his living situation was far from ideal.  As a result, he came to us very thin and without the best nutrition.  He’s on a journey to gain some weight and and live his healthiest, best life! Pixel has already gained 1lb and is eating like a champ, and hoping someone can take him home and continue to let him flourish!


Please meet handsome Tuxedo, a wonderful 15 year old boy who’s had a great life but is now in need of a new home. He’s a sweet, calm, loving boy. Could you give him a warm lap, a windowsill, a soft pillow to sleep on? As a Sweet Senior, his adoption fee is reduced – please come by and meet him today!


Hi, I’m Beasley, a 7 year old sweetheart! I came here as a stray, and need a few minutes to get to know you… but with a little patience and a few warm words, I’m yours! I have beautiful soft fur and lovely black freckles and whiskers. I’m a real beauty!

Little Man

Meet Little Man! This snuggle muffin is loving life and happy as a clam. It wasn’t always this way, though. When Little Man came to us, he had a severe mouth infection and needed intensive dental work. Shelter Friends sponsored his dental and now he hasn’t looked back! It’s hard to know his age for sure, with the poor state his teeth were in. We think he is between 5-8 years old. He has lived with other cats before. He is the sweetest, snuggliest kitty and loves to be held. He’ll snuggle right up to you in no time! Little Man is looking for his new forever home!