Lorna and Doone

Please meet Lorna and Doone, barn cats looking for homes! They are two females looking for a property where they can roam free and help provide rodent control. These girls are not big fans of human interactions and would rather be independent from you. They are middle aged adults (3-5 years or so) and of course, both are spayed. There is NO FEE to take them home!



Hello, Tigger here! I’m about 6 years old and am a BIG boy, coming in at 17.5 lbs! I am a snugglebug who you can usually find in the shelter splayed out on my back and reaching out to you for more pets. I have lived with kids and cats, and have been around some dogs. I love to be pet and am a social, but am also a mellow kinda guy.


Pleased to meet you, I’m Buckley! Everybody notices my super cute feet – I put the poly in polydactyl – but I have a great personality, too. I’m about 3 years old, talkative and I love attention. Come meet me today!

Reilly and Jonesy

Meet Reilly and Jonesy! These two boys are about 1 year old. They are just about as friendly as they come–soaking up whatever attention they can get, and giving head boops to make sure you don’t stop those neck massages.

These bros like to crush mad pets and are looking for someone to appreciate their flow (especially Riley–he has the longer hair in the front). They are hoping to get that W, boys! Ferda!


Meet Lulu! This 5 year old cutie is hoping to find a forever family. She is sweet as can be and loves to be loved on. Lulu has lived with other cats before, too. Don’t pass up on this adorable little face!


My friends call me Mags. I am a 4-year-old, confident lady who knows what I want. What I want is petting, attention, playtime, and a warm lap. What I don’t want are other cats around or for you to push my buttons. I am a trusting, affectionate girl and have SO much love to give. I have lived with dogs before and would do well with a mellow, respectful dog.


Hi, I’m Onyx! I’m a 9 year old boy who is looking for a new home. I’m a bit shy and reserved. I tend to lay low, but when you give me the chance, I will show you my affectionate side. I enjoy gentle pets and snuggles. I have lived with cats and dogs before, but would like a home with no dogs in my future, please.


Dean is looking for a home! Dean is about 7 months old. He was found wandering around the shelter, looking for a meal. We were able to convince him to come join us in the Ball-less and Flawless Club, and now he is ready to find a new family. Dean can be a bit standoffish at first….he does enjoy some pets once he feels settled, though. Dean would be a great candidate for someone looking for a barn cat who still will enjoy some pets here and there.


This kitty is named….Puppy!

Puppy is an approximately 4 year old male who is looking for a new home. Puppy is social, confident, and not easily spooked. Puppy loves to get attention and will return it right back to you! He will tell you when he has had enough petting, so may not be best around toddlers who can’t read his signs.

Little Girl

When you enter our adoption building, one cat in particular will be greeting you with a tiny chirp. She will come right up to the front of her kennel, hoping for the opportunity for you to pet her! Her name is Little Girl, and she is 9 years old. Little Girl is declawed and is looking for an indoor only home, please. She is used to living in a quiet home, although she is quite outgoing! She is a friend to all she meets here and would make such a lovely companion for someone looking for a friend.