Cargo is a part of our Barn Buddies program! Here at the shelter, guy stays hidden and does not enjoy us petting on him. He is quick to tell us ‘no, thank you!’ In his previous setting, his caretaker reports that after getting used to her for a few weeks, he would sometimes rub on her leg for pets and enjoy touching while he ate. We think Cargo would thrive if he could get back to his independent, distanced-from-humans lifestyle as a barn cat. Cargo is a young adult male who has been neutered and vaccinated. There is no fee to take him home!


Mimi is a 4 year old girl with a BIG personality! Mimi has lived indoors only and is looking for an indoors only home again. She loves to be pet, and will give you head bumps until you pet her even more! Her favorite thing is a wand toy, which she will play with endlessly. Mimi has lived with dogs and older kids before, and did well with them. She is not friendly with other cats. Fair warning: Mimi hates the carrier, and will likely need a few days to settle down once adopted. But–if you see how she thrives once settled in, you can imagine how she will blossom in your home 🙂


Babar is a 3 year old boy who is ready for love! So ready, that he likes to climb into people’s arms to get lovins! Babar was found as a stray, so we do not have any history on him. What we do know is that if you scratch that special spot on his neck, he will start drooling and kneading ❤️ See photo for evidence 😂


Meet Capri! Capri is a ~3 year old girl who is looking for love. This petite, tidy lady is a bit reserved at first, but with some TLC, she loves to get neck massages, knead biscuits, and snuggle up. She isn’t a huge fan of being picked up–yet! We are seeing so much progress in this sweet girl each and every day.

Cats at PetSmart

These cats and kittens are available for adoption at PetSmart in Medford, OR


We have lots and lots of kittens!  The majority of our kittens are in foster homes and will be available as soon as they are spayed or neutered!  Check back often as they go quick!!!

Kittens are in Foster and at the Josephine County Animal Shelter, 1420 Brookside Ave. 1.5 miles off I-5. in Merlin. Oregon. hours: Monday through Friday 10-4:30 and Saturday 10-4. Please visit the shelter or if need special arrangements for meet and greet please email

Note: Often times we are asked ‘what about dogs?’ Please be advised that we cannot guarantee a cat’s behavior with a dog; sometimes the cat is fine with a dog – but dog not so happy about his feline intruder!

We are not employees of the Josephine County Animal Shelter.