Hi, I’m Beasley, a 7 year old sweetheart! I came here as a stray, and need a few minutes to get to know you… but with a little patience and a few warm words, I’m yours! I have beautiful soft fur and lovely black freckles and whiskers. I’m a real beauty!

Little Man

Meet Little Man! This snuggle muffin is loving life and happy as a clam. It wasn’t always this way, though. When Little Man came to us, he had a severe mouth infection and needed intensive dental work. Shelter Friends sponsored his dental and now he hasn’t looked back! It’s hard to know his age for sure, with the poor state his teeth were in. We think he is between 5-8 years old. He has lived with other cats before. He is the sweetest, snuggliest kitty and loves to be held. He’ll snuggle right up to you in no time! Little Man is looking for his new forever home!


They say handsome is as handsome does… well, I do my best! My name is Buddy and I’m a 5 year old boy who’s eager to please and looking for my home. Sure, I may look a little funny with my missing ear – but I’m as sweet as can be. I’m undemanding and love to cuddle quietly in my bed, but when someone’s around, I can’t wait for affection! I’m a friendly, purring sweetheart and may even stick out my tongue and make silly faces when you pet me. I hope I can become YOUR buddy!


We have a very special guest here at the shelter….again! Koko first came to our shelter after her owner passed away. After a rather long shelter stay, she was finally adopted about 8 months ago. Now, she’s back–but it’s not her fault! Some sudden and unforeseeable family health changes led Koko back to us, where she is reallllly ready for that forever home now!

Koko is 11 years young, but hardly seems it since she has been so well cared for. She loves to relax in a good perch where she can observe her surroundings–bonus if it’s in the sun or a window! For her entire life, she has been an indoor only cat, so she’ll need to stay that way. Although she has never lived with other pets full time, when meeting a foster’s cat, she didn’t seem too fazed; with proper slow intros, we think she could be happy living with other polite animals. Koko is independent, tidy (zero litter box issues), quiet, and an easy keeper, as they say. She is quick to roll her head into your hand for some gentle massages…oh yeah…that’s the spot! Koko can be a bit moody if she’s messed with too much–she doesn’t enjoy being held and doesn’t like her tummy touched. She is hoping to find a quiet, easygoing adult home where she can retire and live her ideal life: where she is the queen bee!

Koko’s adoption fee is sponsored for the right home.



Hi, I’m Phantom… but what’s the mystery? I’m a sweet and loving girl around 9 years old. I talk, I purr, I love affection and am an outgoing, friendly sweetheart. And just look at me… I’m super cute too! I guess the only mystery is… why don’t I have a forever home yet?


Hi, I’m Doxy… a super sweet, lovely girl waiting for a warm lap – could it be yours? I’m 9 years old, neat and tidy, companionable and have a wonderful PURR! I’m not a fan of being picked up (yet) but otherwise, I’m outgoing and friendly… the perfect companion!


Hi, I’m Sylvester! I’m a sweet guy who came to the shelter because my mom got very sick. I’ve lived with dogs and am oh so loving! I’m about 8 years old and would love to become your new best friend… come meet me today!


Marley is a lover. Just a super sweet boy, approximately 13 years old who came in as a stray… so we don’t know much about his background. But he’s a staff favorite for his charming good looks and friendly, easygoing personality! He loves attention and wants nothing more than a warm lap and some love.


Hi, I’m Nosey, a 14 year old boy looking for a retirement home, no bingo or bridge club retired! A warm lap and loving home is all I want. I ended up in the shelter when my mom passed away. I was a much-loved member of the family with a life full of vet care (though not much was needed since I’m a healthy boy). I’m ready for a new home where I can take it easy and live out my golden years… preferably in your lap!


I’m Sputnik… ready to love you to the moon and back! Affectionate and outgoing, I’m a perfect gentleman. I’m 8 years old or so and have a previous back injury that makes my gait a bit wobbly at times – but I love to explore and I get around just fine! I love attention and am a staff favorite for my sweet, sweet personality… not to mention good looks!