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You Are Their Forever Home

Adopt a New Pet into Your Family

You’re ready to bring a new family member home, and shelter animals make wonderful pets!

We want you to have the best experience when adopting from the Josephine County Animal Shelter. All of the animals that are adopted from the shelter have been spayed or neutered, are current on their vaccinations, and microchipped. We provide you with an adoption folder full of educational materials, resources and special offers. We are also here to answer your questions, because we want you to be a well-prepared pet parent. Our goal is to ensure each pet finds its perfect forever home.

Read the bios of our adorable cats and dogs. They’re all unique — different ages, breeds and activity levels — so we think there’s a new friend here waiting for you. When you’re interested in one of the animals, call the Josephine County Animal Shelter at 541-474-5458 to set up an appointment. During that time we encourage you to bring any other animals from your household to make sure everyone gets along.

Are you ready to provide love and a forever home to one of our amazing animals? Browse through the available animals and see which one may become your next best friend.

Adoptable Animals

available dogs
Available cats
Other animal adoptions: bunnies, hampsters, etc

Adoption Programs

Pet to Vet

The Pet to Vet program is in honor of John Hoffman, a longtime supporter of Shelter Friends who had a vision of uniting shelter animals with veterans that had a need. He recognized how a cat or dog can help alleviate some of the anxiety, depression, or PTSD issues that many of our military veterans may face. This supporter wanted to sponsor these adoptions as well as miscellaneous supplies that may be needed, such as food, bedding, a leash, etc. He merely wanted to help a veteran out that has a need and would benefit from this gift.

Our first Pet to Vet placement was “Lucky”, this cute little white dog! Within a few weeks of having Lucky in his home, his new dad relayed to us how his anxiety seemed to melt away as Lucky would sit in his lap each evening after work. It was as if Lucky knew his very special role.  We have gone on to place a number of dogs and cats with Vets.

If you are someone you know would benefit from our Pet to Vet program, please complete our contact form.

Heartworm Heroes

One of the programs that has contributed to the reduction of euthanasia in dogs is the Heartworm Heroes Program. This joint effort between the shelter and Shelter Friends is now treating Heartworm-positive dogs and getting them ready for adoption.

Heartworm Heroes is a progressive and innovative program administered by Shelter Friends for dogs that have been identified as candidates under the charge and control of the Josephine County Animal Shelter.

In the past when a dog tested positive for heartworm disease, they were euthanized because of the many challenges treatment in a shelter setting entailed.  The primary being cost to treat, limited kennel space, and the need for zero stress to the animal during the 120+ days of treatment.  If a shelter facility does not test for heartworm, they could potentially adopt a medically infirm dog; If they test for heartworm, the animal may be euthanized.

It is always disheartening to euthanize a perfectly adoptable dog but for heartworm disease.  With testing and fostering, we have now placed a number of dogs into their forever homes thanks to our heartworm heroes!

If you are interested in fostering a dog in the Heartworm Heroes program, please complete our volunteer application.