John M. Hoffman Pet to Vet Memorial Presentation

During our Year in Review Pawty, we honored a long-time Shelter Friends supporter who passed away earlier this year. Below is the beautiful presentation made by Tammy Moore.

A long time supporter of SF had a vision of uniting shelter animals with veterans that had a need. He recognized how a cat or dog can help alleviate some of the anxiety, depression or PTSD issues that many of our military veterans may face.

This supporter wanted to sponsor $100 per adoption towards the adoption fee as well as miscellaneous supplies that may be needed, such as food, bedding, a leash, etc.  His sponsorship also conditioned upon his anonymity.  He did not want attention placed on him as the donor. He merely wanted to help a veteran out that has a need and would benefit from this gift.

This is the way he led his life – by helping people.  He helped people throughout his teaching career – never ceasing to learn more about the world around him, always wanting to share that knowledge, and this continued long after he retired from teaching.

He was an artist who loved making things with his hands and was a very gifted potter.  Each morning when I drink my coffee from a mug he made, I remember him fondly.

He was an exceptional gardener and especially enjoyed hybridizing beautiful varieties and colors of daylilies and irises.  Again, I think fondly of him as the daylilies in my garden that he gave to me bloom each spring.

Our first Pet to Vet placement “Lucky”, this cute little white dog!. Within a few weeks of having Lucky in his home, his new dad relayed to me how his anxiety seemed to melt away as Lucky would sit in his lap each evening after work. It was as if Lucky knew his very special role.

We also placed a cat, a one eyed cat, with a veteran family. The dad of the family and Bagel quickly bonded and, again, it was as if Bagel knew their relationship was different and special. Animals have an uncanny ability to sense what their people need!

This supporter passed away peacefully in his home in February of this year.  And Shelter Friends is honored and proud to carry on the Pet to Vet Program that he started with his vision of uniting pets with veterans in need. The program has aptly been renamed the John M. Hoffman Memorial Pet to Vet Program.  We had a plaque made to honor him and his program and it will be displayed at the Josephine County Animal Shelter.