Meet Mr. Magoo! When Magoo arrived at the shelter, his eyes were swollen and he appeared to have vision issues. He was also pretty grumpy, not enjoying any pets from us–but it was for good reason! Turns out that he had such severe stomatitis that his entire face was swollen and painful. The vet said he needed to have all of his teeth pulled–every single one. Thanks to Shelter Friends – Josephine County Oregon stepping in to sponsor the procedure, Magoo is now relieved from his pain. He feels MUCH better and loves to head bump and cannot get enough pets. Definitely not a shy cat when he is feeling good! Having no teeth does not create any special needs or diet besides needing to live indoors only. Magoo is 4 years old and ready for a new home.

Carleen Dawn Photography & Design got this great shot of our handsome boy!