Super special, extra personality kitten here – hi, I’m Abbie! I’m only the second kitten EVER to be a cat of the week…  Here’s what they say about me: “Abbie is a healthy, happy, rough and tumble boy. He came to his foster home fearful of most things. It didn’t take him long to figure out that people are OK to have around. He has even overcome his fear of being held, and will sometimes purr when his foster mom picks him up. He likes to eat and he likes to play and he likes to sleep on your bed at night. Abbie also likes other cats and will do well in a home where he will have a friendly cat to pal around with. It is not known if he has ever met a dog. Abbie is not afraid of humans but he is shy when first meeting strangers or being introduced to a new environment. Once he gets to know you his self-confident and outgoing nature will show itself. So Abbie needs a patient new home who understands his quirks and loves him anyway. He is worth the effort. He has the makings of a great cat.”

Pretty impressive, right? Plus my adoption fee is only $35!