Curious George

Hi! I’m Curious George, a 10 month old male kitty who has a BIG personality! I have tons of love to give and can’t get enough attention. I am looking for a very special home to call his own.

I was recently diagnosed with a very rare heart condition. I was born with an enlarged heart, which causes exercise intolerance: a fancy term for getting very tired after activity. My heart has to work too hard to do high activity. Right now, I have already beaten the odds by living this long—most cats with this condition do not make it past kittenhood.

In my new home, I will need to be kept calm (as much as is possible for a young kitty). This means: I will need to be indoors-only, can only live with other pets if they are mellow, and should have no string toys, laser pointers, or other things that may get me riled up. If I do get tired, I need some time to recover calmly.

I will not have a normal life expectancy, but the vet thinks I could live happily for up to a few more years. My other organs indicate that things are looking good for me so far! We know that it will take a very special family to open their home and hearts to a cat who they may not get much time with. We think it is worth it to give this sweet boy a chance at happiness in a loving home, for however long that may be.