Precious Maggie Mae

Maggie’s Story!  Maggie came to Raleigh as a wee puppy to comfort her broken heart after the passing of her twin brother. Maggie Mae brought so much joy to her and to so many- and she was nicked name- My little funny face.

Saturday, February 7 – Raleigh’s beloved Maggie Mae passed away at 5:30 in the evening.


See below for the most recent update from Raleigh.

There is still an outstanding balance of $2,300 that we are trying to help her cover.  You can donate via the GoFundMe account below or mail directly to Raleigh at:

Raleigh Smith
122 NE Savage St
Grants Pass, OR 97526

A GoFundMe account has been setup for Maggie’s Vet Bills. 

UPDATE – March 3, 2015:

It has been near a month since my dear Maggie Mae traveled over the rainbow bridge. My tears trail after her, splashing upon every memory of my sweet Funny Face. I try to hold back the tears- but to do so would be like trying to hold back the mighty rush of waters of the great Niagra Falls. Of all the many I have rescued to safe harbor- the guilt that I could not protect my precious Maggie leaves me weak in the heart, my very being trembles with unending sorrow. Never again to hear her little bark of anticipated glee as I fetch her leash to go to the dog park; never again to have her leap with joy out of the car as we travel to the Coast where her little furry paws would dig into the sand puddles- in search of a sand dollar; never again will I hold her back as we raced down Sixth Street to the Evergreen Bank water falls,- like a sled dog reaching the finish line- as she splashed upon the little babbling brook and drank with delight from the clear waters. Her pink food dish never again to fill;- her pink leash now still- never to be lifted,- hangs limp on the hook; and her little cubby forever vacant – no sparking eyes to peer out from her Maggie cave. I want to thank everyone for your heartfelt thoughts, prayers and gracious contributions towards her medical care.

The over $5800 bill is now down to $2300.

Dagmar and Hans Wheeler
Diane Hoover
Johnnie Huffman
Tamara Kabush Evans
Pat Shaffner-Hall
Terri Zeutzius
Tana Mason
Amber Thompson
Paul Durran
Joan Wood
Judy Reynolds
Jan Mitchell
J A Mark
Kate Hoffman
Wendy and Melissa Butkov
Veroune (Bonnie) Chillem
Robert and Patti Callaway
Janice and Larry Harden and Joey Valentino
Linda Bacon
Georgia Applegate
Janis and Arthur Angelini
Dexter and Merry Sullivan
John and Connie Blanchard
Susan McKean
Paul and Kimberly Howell
Darlene Hamblin
Ceinwen Mari Keister
Nancy Lindquist
James Coe
Elsie Sellars
Anonymous donors and those as yet not identified- I will update.
Heidi Marie for Maggie’s urn.

Even as I post this- I failed to thank Pat Schaffner-Hall and Mecha Jane Clark and Tana Mason. I was so desperate for help- and Tana came and drove me to Riverside Vet and then to Southern Oregon Specialty in Medford as I cradled my precious Maggie Mae-and stayed with us till the early hours of the morning. And to Mecha and Pat who sped to my home and cared for my animals and home.

I am forever grateful.



Raleigh has done SO much for the animals in her community.  She is always there when needed and has spent countless hours and dollars helping out the animals that are fortunate enough to come into her life. Now Raleigh needs us to help her with Maggie’s care.  As you can imagine, the emergency medical bills were very high trying to save Maggie’s life.

Thursday, February 4 – Maggie Mae was attacked and mauled leaving her stripped and skinned, with 4 broken ribs, and lacerations and punctures from head to toe. The skin on the girth of her torso was pulled back as if to strip the sheets of a bed. As Raleigh stated “she looked like a raw piece of flank steak with a barely beating heart”. The images too horrifying to post here.  As Raleigh desperately cried for help- thinking her Maggie would have only a heart beat left-and ran for her phone, Maggie had disappeared, crawling under a nearby hedge! The fight was on!

She was rushed to Riverside Veterinary Clinic where they gave her some immediate care; however her injuries so severe we were directed to the emergency care at Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center in Medford. They were able to get her stabilized and assessed. Maggie needed surgery to repair her skin.

Animal Control was notified and is working the case.

Friday, February 6 – Maggie was able to eat and drink a little, Maggie’s condition is guarded and critical and she will have a long road to recovery- but that funny little face has spark and she’s a fighter.

Saturday, February 7 – Raleigh’s beloved Maggie Mae passed away at 5:30 in the evening.


maggie laughing

Maggie Laughing

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