***UPDATE: Cole’s adoption fee has been sponsored by a donor! There is no fee to take him home!*** “Hi, I’m Cole! Let’s get all the tripod jokes out of the way–yes, I have three legs. Yes, it makes me walk funny. Yes, I still get around great! When I came into the shelter, I wasn’t putting any weight on my front paw. Upon x-ray, it was found that I had been shot! There was no way to repair the leg, so the best option was to amputate, and now I am living my best life. Big thanks to Shelter Friends – Josephine County Oregon for sponsoring my surgery! I’m about 1 year old and an easygoing fella–I enjoy pets and affection, but am not necessarily a lap cat. I am easy to get along with. I don’t really enjoy the company of dogs or other cats. I have nice litter box manners when the box is nearby–I may need multiple boxes in my home. It is presumed that I have been an outdoor cat my whole life and will need some help adjusting to indoor living, but I’m making great progress! I will need to be strictly indoors only, since I can no longer fend for myself.”