Sweet Pea

Karen Scott tells the heartfelt story of “Sweet Pea”. This is a wonderful way to support the animals of Josephine County!

Sweet Pea lived on the streets for nearly three years foraging through garbage cans for her food. Boys on bicycles would torment her, earning her deep fear of humans. The animal control could not catch her.

When Karen noticed Sweet Pea had pups somewhere depending on her, Karen had to at least try to earn her love and trust to help the poor canine family.
Sweet Pea’s story is a true rescue story. One amazing thing about Sweet Pea, is after she came to live with Karen, she never once showed signs of abuse or of being a wild dog. She never cowered, or snapped, she only showed love to all who were fortunate enough to meet her.

All book sale money goes to the care, well being, and upkeep of animals in shelters, who are looking for good homes. When Karen Scott appears with us at adoption events- she graciously donates the proceeds to Shelter Friends! Thank You Karen Scott- for sharing your Sweet Pea story!

This lovely story book may be bought on line at, barnes and and Oregon Books and Games in Grants Pass